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Law Enforcement Officers
  • Are responsible for criminal investigation of cases referred to the Child Advocacy Center

Child Protective Services
  • Investigates reports of child sexual and physical abuse and determines if the child is at risk for further harm.
  • Referrals come directly from Washington County Department of Social Services.

  • Consults with law enforcement and social workers during investigations. Evaluates cases and decides when criminal charges will be filed. Handles prosecution of all cases referred to the Child Advocacy Center.

Joint Investigations
  • Joint investigations occur after a report has been accepted. Social Workers, Law Enforcement and a Prosecutor will jointly interview the child. One professional will conduct the interview with the child while the other professionals watch the interview via closed circuit TV. Communication between the interviewer occur with specialized microphones and hearing devices. One comprehensive joint interview is completed to reduce the trauma of multiple interviews.

Finding Words Maryland
  • All interviewers are trained in Finding Words Maryland, this interview process provides a neutral, fact finding, coordinated interview to avoid duplication of the interview. Each interview room is set up to complete Finding Words interview. Including anatomically correct dolls, anatomical drawings, easel and note pad.

  • Provides individual and group therapy for children and non-offending caregivers. Makes referrals to mental health professionals when necessary.
  • All referrals for therapy come through the Child Advocacy Center

Family Advocate
  • Supports and advocates for the child and family. Provides linkage to other community agencies within Washington County
  • .Referrals come through the Child Advocacy Center.

Forensic Medical Examinations
  • On-site forensic medical exams are provided by a pediatrician and FNE (Forensic Nurse Examiner). The pediatrician and the FNE are specially trained in the areas of sexual and physical abuse of children
  • Referrals come through the Child Advocacy Center or Child Protective Services.

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